O2 Wellness Center Pinares

¿What can I find?

Crol Swimming
For those who practice swimming, Crol Swimming offers an irresistible option: a semi-olympic indoor pool with warm water. Highly trained staff ensures that children over 4 years, adults, masters, triathlonists and training groups enjoy the advantages offered by the aquatic environment.

Uno Sports

02 has the best multisport store in the country, Uno Sports, where you can find items of the highest quality.

Strategic tenants

Insanity Garage

Functional-style gym in which people who attend can learn to challenge and discover their limits through different free-space exercise techniques with unusual jumps and movements, some with weight or resistance and others simply against gravity or free, We are designed for people who set out as a goal to get out of the monotony of traditional and common gyms and at the same time want to reach a good aesthetic and health level

Krama Yoga

Krama always goes forward, knows his goal, is innovative, is a leader, marks the way. Born as a yoga center that expands to create in our environment a new worldview.


We have the best technology and excellent professionals to prevent and / or treat physical injuries.

Gracie Barra​

Only Official Gracie Barra school in Costa Rica. An amazing school of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


An amazing indoor cycling training center.

Contact: 2290-2090

Location: Carr John F Kennedy, San José, San Rafael. 

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