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Crol Swimming
For those who practice swimming, Crol Swimming offers an irresistible option: a semi-olympic indoor pool with warm water. Highly trained staff ensures that children over 4 years, adults, masters, triathlonists and training groups enjoy the advantages offered by the aquatic environment.

Uno Sports


O2 has the best sports store in the country, Uno Sports, which was responsible for placing on this site the largest and most stocked of its branches.

Strategic tenants

Om Prem Studios​

Thinking about non-traditional exercises, Om Prem Studios provides 02 a mix between the physical and the spiritual through Gyrotonic, Pilates and active meditations.

In Balance Fitness Studios

The In Balance Fitness Studios Functional Center proposes a concept that is in vogue: that of practical exercise in a practical way, which is coupled both for those who prefer a one-on-one concept, and for those who choose group sports. The philosophy of In Balance lies in free movement, which is done from a wall to climb to treadmills that run without motor.


Fisioactiva focuses on the clinical part of physiotherapy and prevention techniques in terms of health design. Fisioactiva is characterized by the use of point technology, innovation and quality of the service it offers.


The brand of GPS sports watches that is synonymous of original design, functionality and total reliability in the most extreme environments.

Contact: 2290-2090

Location: Carr John F Kennedy, San José, San Rafael. 

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